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The Podcast

As a startup founder I’ve long been fascinated with other founders stories, how they come across their idea, what happened before this and what happened in their journey through discovery and creation of their business. This podcast is my chance to ask those questions of other founders and entrepreneurs.

Each episode I will chat with a startup founder about their story and their journey, asking some common questions from one episode to another but also delving deeper where necessary.

Your Host

meHi, I’m Tanya-Jayne Park, a startup founder myself ( who lives and works on the beautiful south coast of the UK.

For a longtime now I’ve been listening to podcasts, either whilst commuting or when walking my Parsons Jack Russell terrier Heidi. I’ve wanted for sometime now to create a podcast of my own. As someone who hates the sound of their own voice I’ve chosen to make my guests the focus of each episode, so you will hear mostly from them with the occasional prompt and question from me.



Please do contact me with feedback or suggestions on how I can improve this podcast.

If you’re a founder yourself and would like me to interview you, or if you’d like me to interview someone you know please do let me know using the form below.

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